Ideal Client

The clients we help the most, have some of these characteristics:

Lives in metropolitan Madison-Huntsville area   

We help widows simplify their personal finances so they can stop worrying and enjoy more time with their friends and loved ones.     Widows find our comprehensive services especially beneficial when the deceased spouse had been handling financial affairs.

Prefers a Single Source for Service
They enjoy having a single source for financial planning, tax return preparation, and insurance.

Grant Neither Trading Discretion nor Custody 
They grant neither trading discretionary authority nor custody of their funds to financial planner/investment advisor.   Granting trading discretionary authority and custody can lead to problems.

Financial Delegator
Our community of clients is comprised of financial delegators who enjoy the simplicity, freedom, and peace of mind that comes from working with a single trusted fee-only financial planner.

Focuses on what’s important to them
They focus their valuable time and energy on those things in life that are most important to them.   They care for their family, community, or someone or something other than their self.

Comprehensive financial perspective
They implement a comprehensive financial plan based on tax avoidance, insurance, investment, retirement planning, and estate planning.

Investment style
The client is not a speculator or short-term trader.   They take action based on disciplined financial planning principles instead of reacting to financial propaganda, conflicting opinions, and events outside of their control.   They seek both reasonable long-term investment performance and capital preservation; they prefer a proven investment strategy.


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